TrackAd Lead

Take care of your leads through every stage of their journey

Who is TrackAd Lead for

All professions where the objective of advertising campaigns is the generation
of a lead via a form or a registration

Monitor all KPIs in your conversion path

TrackAd Lead boosts your performance with Google Ads

Feed the status of leads and their real value back into the Google Ads platform

  • Increase the efficiency of Google's Smart bidding solutions
  • Maximize your return of qualified leads with increased ROI

Thanks to TrackAd Lead, increase your ROI

Generate more qualified leads and sales for the same investment

Track the performance of your sales cycle

  • Reconcile your online and offline data
  • Calculate your average sales cycle
  • Analyze every step of your cross-channel sales tunnel
  • Fully automate your data collection
  • Get the exact ROI of your digital business
  • Export reports readable by all your collaborators
  • Track the performance of multiple lead statuses

Comprehensive reports for the analysis
of your sales cycle

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