CPA traffic audit - traffic monitoring in partner networks.


Weekly inspection of webmasters for prohibited traffic types
Weekly traffic analysis from top 10 webmasters in each SRA network
Monthly analysis of all tag rewrite orders
Weekly progress report
Recommendations on next steps
General recommendations on the channel

Do you have such difficulties?

I doubt the quality of SRA traffic
Use of banned traffic
Suspiciously good results
I want to save the budget
Cost Optimization
Increasing income
I need expert advice
Insufficient experience with the CPA
No time for traffic analysis

Решения, предлагаемые TrackAd

Best CPA experts in Russia
10 years of experience in SRA
That’s where the anti-frod started
Informed decisions only
Fair treatment of each partner
Argumentative findings
High level of traffic control
1,500 programs launched in Russia and Europe
We are trusted by over 60% of the top 100 eCommerce.

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