CPA network management - complex management of partner networks and any partners who work on CPA model.


Connecting partner networks

  • Full administrative support
  • Technical integration without installation of codes
  • Formation/Audit of a Competitive Offer
  • Configuring the order deduplication rule

Partner Networks

  • Formation of effective commission policy
  • Proactive work with marketing plan
  • Personal communication with partners/webmasters
  • Control of placements on top sites
  • Individual work with top webmasters: drawing up a schedule of actions, holding personal actions, communication with a partner, control of placements.
  • Matching

Traffic Quality Control

  • Frost protection: cookistaffing, re-payments, blocked webmasters
  • Protection against use of forbidden traffic types: toolbars, context per brand, clicker Weekly manual check of connected webmasters for traffic quality
  • Analysis of the tulbara suspect report


  • Weekly report on the effectiveness of partner networks with top 5 webmasters
  • Monthly report on actions with partners
  • Monthly report on the Frod with budget savings


Connecting partner networks

Partner Networks

Traffic Quality Control



Automatic verification protection


  • Kukidropping

  • Неверная дедупликация

  • Repeated payments

  • Orders from blocked webmasters

  • Overwritten orders per minute (optional)

Prohibited traffic types

  • Tulbars

  • Brand context

  • Clickander

Tag rewrite report

  • Tag rewrite on all orders

  • Evidence 

Manual inspection

  • Type and name of each webmaster

  • Control the top 10 webmasters

Why aren't we like the others?

We started with the antifrod

TrackAd is the first antifrost tool in Russia. We are constantly developing and provide our clients with a full range of antifrost protection tools.

A wealth of international experience

More than 50 clients in Russia and Europe help us keep abreast of the latest trends in the SRA market and successfully apply the best practices

Прозрачность работы

Our calculations are always clear to customers, each order is accounted for only one source and will never be paid twice

Proactive work based on your goals

We always strive to offer the most effective solutions, depending on the set goals: cost optimization, increase in volumes, search for new sources

Direct contact with webmasters

There are more than 20 webmasters in our database with whom we communicate directly, which allows our clients to get maximum promo and premium placements

Начните с TrackAd!

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