Dynamic remarketing management - complete control of dynamic retargeting of Criteo and RTBHouse.


Partner Connection


Monitoring of targets


Partner Connection

Full administrative support
Technical integration
Gathering the necessary materials for launch


Launch Control RK
Build strategy based on user segments
Making settings in RK to achieve KPI
Stake management
Proactive work with internal marketing plan
Control of creative placement
Solving all operational issues
Technical integration
Gathering the necessary materials for launch

Monitoring of targets

Control of incoming traffic and orders volume
Control of major KPIs (SRO, DRR, etc.)
Control of spent budget


Weekly report on campaign effectiveness
Monthly campaign effectiveness report


Daily monitoring of indicators

We monitor the KPI for the campaign on a daily basis, which allows us to keep it at the maximum volume, at the maximum available KPI

10 years of experience with the platform

Our extensive experience has allowed us to explore all the features of the system in as much detail as possible in order to offer the most effective solutions for our clients, and to avoid those that do not meet our goals.

Individual strategy for each client

At different stages of the campaign, each client needs special settings and approach to conducting: funnel depth, internal optimizers, specific algorithm. That's why we build individual strategies that allow us to quickly achieve the required KPI.

Self-managed rates and campaign settings

We adjust bets without the involvement of platform managers to avoid conflicts of interest and to speed up response to negative indicators

Special payment terms

As an agency, we have special payment terms - 100% post-payment within 30 days.

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